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In Italy wine is food, an integral part of every meal that should serve to complement, rather than dominate, the other dishes you are enjoying. Our Il Donato wines embody this ideal. Il Donato Pinot Grigio is a refined, classic Italian wine that sit comfortably alongside the delectable dishes of the region. It quietly reflects the ancient soils and warm southern sun of Puglia, the venerable Italian wine region from which these wines are sourced. Il Donato's offerings are particularly remarkable, with many winemakers considering it Puglia’s best vintage in over 30 years.

Pinot Grigio

Il Donato Pinot Grigio is delicate, yet sophisticated. On the palate it’s full of citrus and zesty lemon juice flavors. Light, crisp and refreshing, this wine’s zippy palate-cleansing acidity exudes classic, crowd-pleasing Italian appeal. View Pinot Grigio Tasting Notes

Sun-Drenched Puglia

Southern ItalyThe majority of grapes for our Il Donato wines are sourced from the Puglia winegrowing region of Italy. While it is the oldest wine-growing region in Italy, Puglia has been making wine for four millennia. Until recently, however, the rest of the world has had very little exposure to its wines. That is changing, however, and Puglia is going through a winemaking revolution, with an influx of new winemakers, technologies and ideas.

Puglia, which forms the 'heel' of Italy's boot-shaped outline, is truly an agricultural paradise. The region’s Mediterranean climate, persistent sunshine and proximity to the sea make for a near-perfect environment for viticulture. Cooling sea breezes waft over the vineyards of long-established grapevines, creating the ideal climate for growing stunning fruit that is perfectly nuanced.

Wine writers, sommeliers, and restaurateurs repeatedly describe Puglia's wines in the same way: sun-drenched. This is, quite simply, because Puglia's terroir comes from the sky as much as from the ground. The resulting wines hold flavors so individual they could not be recreated anywhere else.